There are plenty of things to do when you are in Amberley – from wine touring, biking, star gazing, fishing, golfing and even a bit of dancing… so much to explore!

Amberley Beach

Amberley Beach

A great place to fish, stroll or simply chill with mountain views to the north and south. The beach has a seemingly endless coastline!
The entrance to Amberley Recreation Reserve with Welcome to Amberley Recreation Reserve sign

Amberley Recreation Reserve

Amberley Recreation Reserve is Amberley’s main recreation area with it’s large Pavilion (also known as the Tin Shed) and grounds for tennis, netball, rugby, squash and bowls. The Amberley Swimming Pool is situated in the Reserve, plus has a 1.3km loop trail, perfect for walking and running. The reserve also has a large dog friendly area.
The Cob Cottage in Chamberlain Park in Amberley

Chamberlain Park & Cob Cottage

Chamberlain Park is is an historical park in the middle of Amberley, but away from the main road, including an original cob cottage which was moved here from a farm after the storms of 1975 damaged it so much that the upstairs had to be removed. It was rebuilt by the Amberley Historical Society on this site. There is a collection inside of original settler furnishings and clothing and it is all managed by the Kowai Archives Society which has lost its premises due to earthquake concerns. There is also a bird aviary and playground, as part of the park.
Leithfield Beach at sun rise

Leithfield Beach

Leithfield Beach is about 20 minutes drive north of Christchurch. It is one of those wild and wind swept places but quite beautiful and is a popular for surfing and fishing all year round. The beach has great facilities such as public toilets, playground and a Holiday Park with small shop.

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